Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are among the most heart-wrenching challenges new parents can face, arising from complications during delivery that result in harm to the baby. Geoff Trachtenberg’s profound empathy for families coping with the consequences of birth injuries, combined with his exceptional legal acumen, makes him a formidable advocate for the youngest victims and their families. Recognized for his dedication to securing justice for his clients, Geoff navigates the complex medical and legal landscapes of birth injury cases with precision and care. His commitment to holding responsible parties accountable ensures that families receive the compensation they need for medical treatment, ongoing care, and the support necessary to address the long-term impacts of birth injuries. With Geoff Trachtenberg, affected families gain not only a highly skilled attorney but also a compassionate ally committed to their child’s best interests and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Common birth injuries include cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injuries, fractures, and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, among others. Each requires a nuanced understanding for legal action.

Yes, many birth injuries result from medical malpractice, such as failure to monitor fetal distress, improper use of delivery tools, or delayed cesarean sections.

Compensation may cover medical expenses, future care costs, pain and suffering, and, in some cases, punitive damages against those responsible for the negligence.

The statute of limitations for birth injury lawsuits varies by state. In Arizona, parents generally have two years from the injury discovery, but exceptions exist for minors, making it essential to consult with Geoff promptly.

Seek a comprehensive medical evaluation for your child, document all related medical care and communications, and consult with Geoff Trachtenberg to discuss your legal options.

Geoff works with medical experts to review records, identify deviations from standard care, and demonstrate how these deviations directly caused the injury.

Families may face challenges proving negligence, dealing with complex medical evidence, and confronting well-funded defense teams. Geoff’s experience is invaluable in navigating these obstacles.

Yes, parents can pursue damages for emotional distress caused by the trauma of their child’s birth injury, alongside the physical impact on the child.

Future care costs are estimated by specialists who consider the child’s current and future medical needs, including surgeries, therapies, and adaptive equipment, ensuring comprehensive compensation.

Geoff’s commitment to justice, combined with his understanding of the profound impact of birth injuries on families and his track record of successful litigation, makes him an empathetic yet powerful advocate for your case.

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